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Types of Massachusetts Premises Liability Claims

Massachusetts residents who have been injured on Massachusetts property may be able to recover monetary compensation for their injuries from the Massachusetts landowner or Massachusetts possessor of the property on which the injury occurred. Some categories of Massachusetts premises liability cases include:

  • Massachusetts slip, trip and fall claims – For example, a Massachusetts supermarket fails to mop up a wet floor for an unreasonable period of time, or fails to post adequate warning signs, and a customer slips and falls as a result and is injured.

  • Massachusetts inadequate property maintenance - A Massachusetts property owner fails to maintain the premises in such a way as to avoid injury to the public, such as failing to maintain trees so as to protect a victim from falling branches or failing to clean up snow and ice in the wintertime.

  • Massachusetts defective conditions - A Massachusetts store owner fails to repair or warn his or her Massachusetts customers of a dangerous condition on the premises, such as a broken door or broken stairs.

  • Massachusetts negligent security - A Massachusetts hotel fails to install adequate lighting and cameras, warn guests about dangerous criminal activity taking place in the area, or perform criminal background checks when hiring security guards.

  • Massachusetts dog bite and Massachusetts animal attacks - A Massachusetts property owner who keeps an animal on his or her premises is responsible for keeping the animal from harming any visitors or people who pass by.

  • Massachusetts toxic fumes exposure - Massachusetts property owners are responsible for maintaining an environment in which individuals are not exposed to unsafe gases. When a failure to do so results in an accumulation of toxic fumes, a Massachusetts gas explosion or any other gas related hazard, the Massachusetts property owner may be held liable for any injuries that result.

  • Massachusetts accidental drowning - Massachusetts swimming pool owners who do not take reasonable care to cover their swimming pool and take other protective measures may be held responsible for accidental drowning or other injuries sustained in the swimming pool.

  • Massachusetts assault - In cases of rape or assault and battery that occur on Massachusetts property due to inadequate security, the Massachusetts property owner or manager can be held responsible for all resulting injuries and damages.

  • Massachusetts defective products - When a visitor is harmed by a faulty machine or other defective product on the property, such as a defective amusement park ride, the Massachusetts property owner may be held responsible for any resulting injury.

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