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Massachusetts Slip and Fall Accidents

By far, the most common type of Massachusetts premises liability case is a Massachusetts slip and fall accident. Slip and falls occur all too frequently in Massachusetts. Massachusetts slip, trip and fall accidents are the cause of fifteen percent of all wrongful deaths in Massachusetts, second only to Massachusetts motor vehicle accidents. Massachusetts slip, trip and fall accidents include situations in which a person falls and is seriously injured in a store, a mall walkway or other commercial establishment, as a result of obstacles in their pathway, substances left on the floor or other conditions that reflect a failure to maintain safe walkways. Massachusetts slip and fall accidents most commonly take place in Massachusetts stores or Massachusetts supermarkets. Slips and falls on negligently maintained snow and ice are also common during Massachusetts winters.

A related problem to Massachusetts slip, trip and fall accidents is merchandise falling off store shelves on a customer and either injuring them or causing them to trip over it. This type of Massachusetts accident is called a trip and fall, which is when an object blocks the way with no safety barrier or warning of its presence and the Massachusetts victim trips over it. In many large Massachusetts department stores and Massachusetts supermarkets, the shelving rises high over Massachusetts shoppers’ heads. This means that improperly secured merchandise can fall off high shelves and seriously injure or even kill an unsuspecting Massachusetts shopper. Store displays which are not properly maintained can fall over or fall apart and cause injury. Merchandise stacked on the floor can also cause injury.

Liability in Massachusetts slip, trip and fall accidents is challenging to prove. Massachusetts property owner defendants often allege that the Massachusetts slip and fall victim should have paid more attention to where he or she was walking. The highly skilled Boston, Massachusetts slip, trip and fall accident attorney specialists and Boston, Massachusetts premises liability attorney specialists at the Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates know that Massachusetts stores design their merchandise displays to attract a Massachusetts shopper’s attention to the goods that they wish to sell. Our aggressive Massachusetts premises liability personal injury lawyers focus on the Massachusetts property owner’s obligation to maintain safe premises at all times, which includes keeping walkways free of obstacles and spills.

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